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A thriving business is one that has thought through the following topics. Creating a strong foundation allows you to run a proactive business versus a chaotic, reactive, work-70-hours, burnt out, questioning-everything-sort-of-business... When I describe my role as a wedding planner to clients, I ask them to think of me as the director of a symphony and each vendor plays their specific instrument. Vendors know their instrument well, as that's their job, and my job is to know how to bring out the best in all of them and their unique sound to create a masterful symphony. I know how to direct and I know the vision for the remarkable sound that we will create! Building and running a business is very much the same. Each of these areas is part of your business symphony.

client experience

As the Owner and Principal Designer and Planner for Ira + Lucy, I will limit the amount of business coaching clients I take on each year. To make sure I am a good fit for your needs, our business coaching pre-consultation form is required along with a 20 minute interview call or Skype session.