We are currently booked for Coordination services for the 2019 Season and taking limited weddings for 2020. Farm Table rentals and decor rentals are still available for bookings.


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Heidi and Jonnathan Wight
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Please complete the Pre-Consultation Form below. It is an awesome tool that will give our team more insight for your wedding goals and how we can best guide you through your options. We look forward to talking with you!

*Please note, per our company policies, we do not take on weddings with less then 6 months planning timeframe.



All Clients Complete This Form Prior to Scheduling a Consultation. If you are anxious and excited and just submitted an inquiry, but want to dive right in... go ahead! Complete this form and let's get the process started! Please note if you don't complete the required fields, the form will not send. If you don't have an answer please just put "unsure" or n/a. We can't wait to hear from you!

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