Jonnathan Wight
Operations Manager, Graphic Design and Industry Coach.

Heidi Elizabeth Wight
Principal Designer + Coordinator, Industry Coach and Speaker. Owner

Ira + Lucy, named after Heidi’s husband’s great grandparents, began 7-years ago as a boutique wedding rental business that organically evolved into a thriving, highly sought after event planning and design firm. Raised in the beautiful Pacific NW, south of Seattle, Heidi has incorporated the blend of city culture and style with the personable nature of country life in Idaho. As the co-founder and principal designer of Ira + Lucy, Heidi Elizabeth, is recognized for her intuitive sense of style, as an impeccable design expert, offering her clients a full wedding experience focused on authentic client relationships and bespoke service. Heidi and her team boast an extensive portfolio featured in industry leading publications, and orchestrated some of Idaho’s most prominent weddings! Featured as a speaker, at Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine's, Rooted in the Rockies conference, Heidi is also an industry leader, mentoring fellow creatives, offering personalized business coaching.

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Hiring Heidi and her team at Ira & Lucy was the best decision we made while planning our wedding! We had a remote wedding in McCall, Idaho at a venue where everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, had to be brought in from out of town through multiple vendors. Needless to say it was complicated, but Heidi managed it all with ease. Heidi and her staff completely transformed the space. I wanted an elegant but laid back outdoor wedding, and she brought all of my ideas to life and was able to create the unique vibe we were looking for. On the day of the wedding, we were able to relax and enjoy the day knowing that the Ira & Lucy team was keeping everything running smoothly, attending to guests needs, working with all of the vendors to keep the timeline, and handling any unexpected hiccups without us ever knowing about it! So many of our guests commented that they felt so taken care of throughout the weekend, which was important to us. When you hire Ira & Lucy, not only do you get a planner with impeccable taste and resourcefulness, but a team that cares about your guests and their experience as much as you do.

SIDE BAR: Heidi and her team are FUN! Not only did Heidi exceed our expectations in planning our wedding, but we became great friends with her during the process. We’re still texting one another months after our wedding! She truly cares for her clients — you are not just a number to this team.
— Bride, Sherri
Heidi and her team are the best decision I made for my wedding! Not only was my wedding beyond my wildest dreams but her team was so attentive the entire night holding my train, keeping us informed of what was coming next, and always making sure we were happy. Everybody knows finding time to eat at your own wedding can be next to impossible, but Heidi made sure my husband had more than enough of his favorite foods throughout the night (the only thing he wanted decision making power over). Heidi is nothing short of perfect and my husband and I will appreciate her forever! We love you Heidi!
— Bride, Emily
Absolutely Incredible! The team at Ira + Lucy is amazing!!! I cannot say enough positive things about my beautiful wedding! I provided Heidi with a very vague idea of what I wanted (farmhouse rustic winter wedding) and she took my idea and turned it into an absolutely stunning evening!! Every vendor she recommended was top notch. Her team pulled all of the details together and the entire evening was flawless. I had several guests compliment the décor, the food, the cake. Literally, every detail was perfect. Thank you so much to the team at Ira + Lucy!!
— Bride, Laurena
Even though I had a bit of a head start in the planning process due to the fact that I knew lots of local wedding vendors and people in the industry, I could never have imagined how truly overwhelming it can all be! Just a couple months in, I realized that I there was no way that I wanted to do this alone (nor could I!) My fiance and I met with Heidi the owner of Ira and Lucy Wedding Planning and Design upon recommendation from our florist, and I am so thankful that we did. When we met her, she had this calming presence that I knew someone like me would need on our day. Being very type A and wanting to plan everything myself, I knew instantly that Heidi was probably the only other person in the world I would trust my whole wedding day to. On the day of our wedding, I woke up knowing that everything was being taken care of. Not by myself, not by my family, but by a professional design/coordination team!

I literally cannot put into words how perfect our day was. How beautiful it looked, how it felt to see all that you had pictured come to life. All in all, my husband and I had the best night of our lives on our wedding day. Because we hired professionals to help us out, we were actually able to enjoy our big day and throw our friends and family basically just a huge awesome party. People couldn’t stop raving about how gorgeous and fun it was, and really we couldn’t take much credit! While it was inspired by my fiance and I, it only came to life because of our vendors.
— Bride, Makayla
Heidi and her team were hands down the best team I have ever worked with! I had a vision and dreamed of lots of bright colors and fun details and Ira & Lucy put those dreams into reality! She went above and beyond what I asked of her and always checked in to see if I needed anything, if I liked a certain idea and she also always had a smile on her face! Very professional and experienced! I would recommend to any bride or anyone interested in planning an event but needing ideas, or talent, or organization!
— Bride, Nancy
When planning a wedding, it can be overwhelming and sometimes nerve wrecking! Heidi is so professional and focused on making your big day effortless, smooth, and nothing short of lovely. Her staff, decor, and teamwork is amazing. They definitely have a beautiful way of pleasing their clients & executing each event with such class! I highly recommended their company! Very professional and friendly!
— Blair
I cannot describe how valuable Heidi and her team are to a wedding. As a groom, I was skeptical because I thought my bride and her mother were more than capable of handling it. I was wrong! Truly blown away by the organization and skill set of her and her team. They took all my wife’s decor and made it look amazing. They kept the whole wedding moving smoothly as well from a coordination standpoint. We had many people come back and say it looked like a movie set. They were definitely worth the money and stress it relieved from us on our wedding day. Check them out! Thanks Ira and Lucy!
— Groom, Matthew
When I came to Heidi with some ideas for what I wanted (and needed in a week) she responded so quickly and was on top of it! She is a ninja event planner and knows how to put an idea together and make it a reality. Even with only a few days to put everything together, her design was exactly what I was looking for and even better with her creative, fine art style.
— Photographer, Jenny Losee
My daughter was just married this month in Eagle Idaho and we hired Heidi with Ira & Lucy to coordinate the wedding. This was by far one of the best decision I’ve ever made!! Heidi was not only extremely professional and helpful, she was a lot of fun and had so many creative ideas. I truley can’t imagine going through the stress of planning a wedding without the help form this amazing woman. Money well spent. I would recommend Ira and Lucy for coordinating and decorations to anyone planning a special event!!!
— Mother of the Bride, Denise
Heidi is not only a wedding designer/coordinator she is an angel sent straight from God. Heidi took every one of my ideas and she made them all become one amazing outcome! She isn’t afraid to tell you when something won’t work with your overall vision and that is something that I, as a bride, needed. She gave me support, direction, expert guidance, and she also was a great friend through it all. Heidi doesn’t just help you with your wedding day, she makes your wedding day happen! Give this girl a call and I promise you won’t be disappointed!
— Bride, Brie
Hire a wedding planner. Just do it.

Since Bry and I live in Denver, and our wedding was taking place in our home state of Idaho, we hired an Idaho based wedding planner named Heidi and her company’s name is Ira & Lucy. Heidi was an angel sent from the heavens, let me tell you. My wedding probably would of taken place in a Zurcher’s parking lot if it wasn’t for her. I know what you’re thinking, “Wedding planners are expensive” or “I’ll just DIY my wedding” unless you are Martha freaking Stuart you cannot physically DIY an entire wedding, unless your guest count is around 10 people. Hiring a wedding planner was worth the money, seriously. And especially if you’re getting married in a different state from which you reside.
— Bride and Groom, Bryce and Sydney


Heidi at Ira + Lucy is amazing to work with! We truly enjoy working with her because she closely coordinates with all of the vendors, covers every detail and goes above and beyond to ensure that the event is perfectly put together. Her style is classically stunning, she is responsive, professional and an absolute sweetheart. We are so excited to work the Ira + Lucy again!
— A Lively Chef Catering
As a DJ and lighting company, we rely heavily on the design and attention to detail of the event designers and decorators that we work with. We can not say enough good thing about Ira & Lucy in this regard. Heidi and her team are incredibly creative, attentive and deliver exceptional customer service. Heidi goes above and beyond (even after hours) to make sure her brides needs are met and they have a special and memorable day. She will even create custom pieces of furniture or decor to meet the design vision of one of her clients - whatever it takes! As a coordinator she is thorough and communicates clearly to all involved parties so her events go smoothly and seamlessly. We highly recommend Ira & Lucy!!!!!!
— Sound Wave Events
We love working with Ira + Lucy on so many fronts. Not only have they helped many of our couples create a beautiful vintage and chic atmosphere for their wedding, but we have also used them to set the tone for many of our events. From adorning our Chapel with quaint Christmas decor for Santa’s visit and our Christmas Eve service to a romantic and classy look for our Bridal Social, we are always amazed at the beautiful work Heidi does. We also love working with their whole team who always have smiles on and such kind hearts. They are willing to think outside the box and their creativity is amazing!
— Still Water Hollow
Ira + Lucy have been a pleasure to work with! I am the owner of Rhodes Entertainment and had the opportunity to work two weddings (so far) with Heidi and her staff. They are professional, detail-oriented and hard-working, yet very creative and lots of fun. A great skill set to have when orchestrating and designing an important day like a wedding. 5 Stars!
— Rhodes Entertainment
If you want a magazine worthy wedding, Ira + Lucy will pull out the stops to make it happen! We are always thrilled to get the chance to work with them. Heidi (+ team) is very thorough and experienced in what they do. For a wedding that will make the Instagram community crap its pants, you might want to consider hiring Ira + Lucy! (Sorry, I really couldn’t think of a better way to say that, LOL)
— Ampersand Studios
Ira + Lucy’s rentals bring something more personal and unique to an event, whether it’s drama, whimsy or romance. They put thought and care into bringing out the personality in their beautiful furniture items and detail pieces, pairing an item perfectly with each occasion. Their enthusiasm in what they do is contagious, and any event is more exciting when they’re in the room. : )
— Tana Photography