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Our Latest Creation ~ Faux Mantel

It's finally done! Our handcrafted faux fireplace mantel made its debut this weekend at Bride Victoria and Groom Tyler's Wedding at the Linen Building. It was the absolute perfect venue for blending vintage and modern in a simple and chic style. Victoria handled all of her decor and contacted us for help with the ceremony design. Faux MantelSweeping drapery softened the loft style space. We dimmed the lights to help accent the candlelit isle and to draw the guests' eye to the front of the exposed brick and beam designed room. Our backdrop stood tall with soft layers of flowing fabric highlighted by one of our crystal chandeliers above. I am so in love with our brand new inventory item; our handcrafted Ira & Lucy Faux Fireplace Mantel. I was so overjoyed seeing the smile on Victoria's face and how excited she was! Victoria's Mom brought some of her decor elements from the reception and we help add some styling to the area, keeping it simple per Victoria's direction...a few vintage books, old bottles and floral. We took a great amount of care in specifically designing the mantel for our clients' variety of needs in mind:

  • SIZE: 5 feet wide by 4.5 feet tall! It was important to ensure the mantel was not overwhelming or too small... With a couple and the officiant standing in front of the mantel, the design can still be appreciated. Floral design and decor will perfectly accent the mantel and alter area. The inside space can feature styling, candles etc without fear of burning the underside!
  • VERSATILE: the mantel can easily be transitioned from an alter space to located behind the sweet heart table! Victoria and Tyler did this! The mantel's height and width looked perfect behind the table!  It's also great for a lounge set up! Our settee's look fabulous with it!
  • CONSTRUCTION: Thank goodness this isn't too heavy! We've also designed the mantel to have anchors for outdoor setups (secretly hidden behind) for added stability.
  • DESIGN: We paid attention to the small details! Beautiful wood details, a vintage elegance, but easily paired with modern styling. Finished with custom paint, distressing and protective finish.

Faux Mantel Details

It's in the little details! Being part of the Vintage Rental Industry I have the joy of networking with some other fabulous Vintage Rental Biz owners and we often talk about the itty bitty details that most have no idea what we juggle. It is so incredibly important to me that our clients are overjoyed and pleased by the service and product they get from us. So, taking the time to pay attention to the small things ends up making a HUGE difference. The mantel looked stunning this weekend, however I found I wasn't perfectly pleased with the color. So, I will be refinishing the paint so it'll be closer to an antique white and not quite as creamy, with the gray still peeking through where it is distressed. In order to have it juuuussst right, I'm having my Mother In Law pick up a specialty paint to when she travels from WA next week! Stay tuned for pictures!

Faux Mantel Linen Building

imageIf you are considering a faux mantel for your wedding OR other special event check out these design inspirations on our [button url=""]Pinterest Boards[/button] Be sure to [button url=""]CONTACT US[/button] SOON to reserve the mantel! It's a very hot item in demand! We've been receiving calls even before it was finished!

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