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Meet Arielle - New Team Member

Meet our newest Ira & Lucy Team Member, Arielle! We are so excited to have Arielle on board! Building the right team for Ira & Lucy is so important to us, as we take great care to ensure that we perform with integrity, thrive on creative "awesome'ness", know how to work our tail ends off, have a sense of humor to handle high stress situations, and have a slightly OCD/Type A blend. Yes, it takes the right person to do what we do. I am impressed with Arielle's attention to detail and her eagerness to create! She is innovative, very personable and I love how she digs her heels in on both little and big projects! Also a newlywed! We just adore her hubby, John! You might see him helping us with all that heavy lifting we have to do. Clearly these two are adventurous and can handle heights much better than me! So, you can see who'll be doing chandelier and ceiling installations. Arielle-and-John

[pullquote width="600" float="left"]My name is Arielle Belveal and I’ll be the first admit I have the best job ever! I am a 32 year old woman with a hobby of creating and collecting beautiful images. If you’re anything like me, brilliant photos inspire you and beautiful, new ideas instill in you a craving to create. What wows me? Color palettes I covet, attractive ways to employ a theme, awe-inspiring innovation, dreamy décor, DIY projects that range from darling to daring, perfectly toasted toast and brand new bars of soap. My love for weddings started with the planning of my own happy event the summer of 2013. And now I am hooked! On any given Saturday, you might find me on my sofa, hovering over my laptop creating inspiration boards and color palettes, constantly getting sidetracked by all of the beautiful sites I’ve found along the way. And I’ve crashed my hard-drive enough times to know that this isn’t just a passing fancy. At Ira and Lucy we are truly. madly. deeply. head over heels in love with love. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate wedding on a farm, a vintage garden escape or a handmade wedding in a loft, we love them all! And to get to be a part of creating the happiest day of a couple’s life is only one reason I enjoy working with Ira and Lucy. We believe that there is no “right” way to throw a wedding and show clients that it’s ok to break traditions to make the day their own. With custom wedding design, painstaking, hand-made details, a huge amount of gorgeous rental inventory, Ira and Lucy has a no holds barred approach to helping couples make the happiest day of their life the most beautiful and memorable as well. Yes, I have a pretty killer job. So here it is; a world of inspiration and all the answers you’ll need to make your wedding the ultimate celebration of who you are. [/pullquote]

Enjoy Arielle's Valentine's Inspired Board!

Valentines Inspiration

Here are some items in our inventory we find especially perfect for Valentine Inspired Events!