Ayesha & Jaseem's Wedding

I'm really excited to share Ayesha and Jaseem's wedding with you! Ayesha contacted me on the hunt for the perfect furniture to fit their 4-day wedding celebration located at the Grove Hotel, downtown Boise. Tana Photography did a fabulous job capturing the memorable occasion! Ayesha's stunning makeup was perfected by Gabrielle Marcantonio and Bliss Events managed all the decor! Our "Madeline" Collection Gold Upholstered chairs were absolutely perfect for this occasion! They are a popular choice for special seating, so much so, we are on the hunt for like chairs to grow the collection! Our "Ingrid" Settee was accented with gold and purple pillows and created the perfect seating for the Bride & Groom.



TanaPhotography02TanaPhotography26 TanaPhotography25 TanaPhotography19Thank you Ayesha for inviting us to be part of your and Jaseem's Wedding. You were truly a stunning bride! A BIG thank you to Tana for sharing your talent with us! You captured everything so beautifully!

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Maharani Wedding Decor

I'm so excited to chat with you about Indian Wedding Design! I've recently had the honor of being part of the design elements for Indian Weddings and have become so enamored with the culture, the traditions and the beauty! The bold bright colors are beyond stunning...and you know how I feel about gold! My sister-in-law is Indian and a few years back for their wedding they did two different receptions. It was my first experience to Indian celebration and it was so inspiring. I just can't get enough of the beauty! I'm so torn between the modern monochromatic take on the decor and the traditional bright colors. Some eye candy for you:

Be sure to check out more stunning inspiration at some of my favorite Indian Wedding Sites:

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I'm thrilled that our inventory features furniture that suits the needs of Indian design so well! It just shows how versatile our pieces are. For example our "Madeline" Collection chairs are beautiful for special seating in the Mandap or at the head table. The gold wood is beautiful accented by the bright, vivid colors worn by the bride & groom, family and floral elements. We specialize in creating custom pillows to accent the specific colors of the wedding.  Our "Ingrid" settee in white and ivory with pearl gold feet makes for a stunning love seat for the bride and groom. We have gold pillows that match the same gold on the "Madeline" chairs to pull the look together flawlessly!

Be sure to visit our online inventory to view our items! Keep in mind our collection is continually growing! Here is a picture of Bella at her cousin's wedding!