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Speaking of the "Send Off"...sparklers or wands!?

We're chatting trends lately! I find that many of my couples are so busy planning alllll the other details that often when it comes to the couple "send off" or grand exit - it doesn't really happen... What really breaks my heart is when guests have already left...and the bride is sitting in a chair, exhausted watching her family clean up the party OR even worse.... SHE is cleaning up the party.... PLEASE take time to plan either hiring a professional to handle the set up and take down details OR find reliable friends that can handle it for your family...We will talk about this in length another time. Thee Send Off! I love this detail, why? Because so much work and care goes into your wedding that I believe it shouldn't end of a downer note... Instead the Happy Couple should joyfully leave, surrounded by cheers and love and be swept away to their private overnight stay somewhere special. Don't you think that sounds way better than all your guests leaving and your pouring the buckets of ice out in the parking lot?

Below are my tips for a successful Sparkler Send Off!


  1. Sparklers are not created equal! Most important factors are the length of the sparkler and how much it's going to smoke. I recommend these 36" sparklers, with a burn time of 4 minutes. You can purchase them [button url="http://www.sparklersonline.com/wedding-sparklers-36-inch/"]here[/button] AND they have FREE SHIPPING!
  2. Create or purchase a custom sign telling your guests what time the send off is planned! If you put sparklers in a mason jar and set it on a table your guests won't know what the plan is...AND many of your guests care about being part of the send off, but often have no clue when that time will be...especially if they have kids in tote. *Talk with your DJ and your photographer about this timing!sparkler-chalkboard
  3. Speaking of DJ and Photographer! As professionals it rocks when we are all on the same page! Often a wedding planner will do this for you, but just in case you don't have one make sure you have chatted with your photographer and DJ about when you hope to have the send off. They will plan accordingly - cuing the right music, making any necessary announcements and the photographer has time to get prepared!
  4. Put someone in charge! I highly recommend it isn't you or the groom! Again, if you don't have a planner or coordinator maybe ask your Maid of Honor or Best Man to be in charge of gathering up everyone and forming the isle/exit, handing out the sparklers and getting them lit at the right time.
  5. Have the exit vehicle ready! It feels silly to do your grand exit and then not have the car ready :) hee hee!
  6. No, you don't need as many sparklers as you have guests, especially if your send off is late in the night. Many of your guests have headed home. So, I usually suggest at least half the amount of your guest number. (if budget isn't an issue, go ahead and order extra to have on hand!)
  7. Sparkler Station! YES, this is my area of expertise! Don't hide the signage and sparklers. Create a fun vignette showcasing the sparkler send off, creating anticipation and excitement for your guests. If you need ideas...I have tons!


Custom Chalkboard Signs (above) "Let Love Sparkle" & Pretzel Bar created by Ira & Lucy

ribbon-wand-1Another option for creating a special send off is creating Ribbon Wands! I recommend using longer strands of ribbon and recommend wrinkling/washing the ribbon so that it will lay softer. This bride and groom placed the ribbon wands on the guests' seats at the ceremony, which could be used twice! For the walk down the isle and for later in the evening for their exit.

ribbon wand 2 ribbon wand 3 ribbon wand 4 ribbon wand 6

Be sure to visit a fabulous Wedding Blog: Every Last Detail for more beautiful photos from this wedding! I think I'm kinda in love with this photographer as well! Be sure to check her out!

Photographer: Elisa B Photography / Event Planner: Events with Panache / Catering: Harvest Moon Catering / Floral Designer: Sugar Magnolias / Bride’s Dress: Reem Acra / Cake Baker: Maliha Creations / Event Venue: Mountain Vineyards