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Plum and Gold Wedding Continued!

We're rolling in plum and gold over here! And I'm LOVING it! I can't share allllll the juicy details, since much of it is a surprise for our Bride Abby, but I had to show the custom designed menus that feature a watercolor background that'll be framed in gold! I hope she'll love it! If you've been following us for a while you'll know that I'm obsessed with water color right now! It's dreamy and elegant and romantic! plum-gold-wedding

Elegant Fall Plum and Gold Wedding

I'm just days away now from Abby and Dylan's Fall Still Water Hollow Wedding and am getting so excited! No, I'm not going to be that wedding designer that is so excited because she thinks it's her own wedding...I'm excited because I really just absolutely adore my Bride Abby! She has the biggest heart and is so darn sweet! Months and months ago, prior to her booking our Event Design services, she shared with me her frustrations, her concerns...her disappointment and I found myself wanting to swoop in and play the Fairy Godmother. When Abby contacted me and said "I just want you to do it all!" I was beyond thrilled! She has been such an incredible bride to work with. I am so very blessed by her! Honestly, I'm so sad she'll be moving out of state post wedding. I'm trying to convince her otherwise ;) She'd be a fabulous assistant for Ira & Lucy! Plum and Gold Details


I'm working on the finishing touches for her and Dylan's special design details and am so pumped to see it all come together! I can't wait to share photos form their very special day and hope to blog about the full experience afterward too! Abby I am so happy for you and Dylan! You are truly a beautiful person inside and out! Your kindness and joy shine so bright! No matter how much work I put into your wedding, you will surely outshine it all!

Love you!