chalkboard wedding

Chalkboard Signs - a popular trend!

I will fully admit I am obsessed with signage! It makes a massive, yes MASSIVE difference in pulling your event design and styling together. I certainly can't and don't handle doing all signage myself. Sometimes our client's needs require the serious paper pros, of which I have some awesome local businesses I turn to for help. Stay tuned for more details on one of my favs - The Paper Crave! I just adore Jennifer and am so excited to share her work with you! Here is one of our chalkboards with a quote from The Secret Garden from one of our June Bride's, Krista's wedding. Her wedding had a subtle Secret Garden theme and I wanted to add this little touch, knowing how much she loved the book growing up. It was one of her favorite details! Photo by Raft Media, Flowers by FlowersAtWill, Still Water Hollow Venue.

Secret Garden Chalkboard Tonight, while I watched the Seahawks play their final preseason game (GO HAWKS!) I worked on these custom chalkboard style signs for Bride Kristin. While I do work a lot with brides, I also work quite often with mothers of the bride. I just adore Kristin's mom, Charlene who has gone above and beyond wanting to make her daughter's day as special as possible. She even ordered custom macarons from New Orleans for the dessert bar! Her mom is handling all the decorations and picked a few select items from our inventory to help pull it all together. This is the perfect example of the flexibility we offer! We can do full event design OR you can rent just a few select items! Let us know what you need, let's chat and figure out how we can be of help.


pretzel-chalkboardHead on over to our Pinterest Boards to view some of my personal favorite chalkboard typography inspiration! P.S. Be sure you don't take the chalkboard craze overboard... chalkboard shouldn't take over your design! Like with all styling, don't let a "theme" or specific item engulf everything...