carolina herrara yellow dress

Spring & Summer 2015 Wedding Inspiration - "Vanilla Butter" Geometry Meets Old World Elegance

Alright my 2015 Spring and Summer couples! I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to consider swapping peach and coral for this stunning pale butter yellow. Yellow is a color that creates quite the wow factor. Whether a mustard yellow for a more boho vibe, or this pale version that is muted down, rustic and features an old world charm you can't go wrong! I am particularly fond of this weather'd yellow as seen in our inspiration board; it pairs so well with vintage furniture and decor! I know how many of you adore burlap, lace and rustic elements. Consider changing it up a bit! You can still add the vintage elements (old crates, lounge seating and accent chairs, antique'd furniture for cake displays and so many more options!), but you also don't have to be "all vintage". Add in some modern elements with the hot geometric trend - it can still all work together quite beautifully! Let's take your burlap, chalkboard, vintage love and mix it up a bit! We'd love to hear your thoughts! I was inspired by the stunning Carolina Herrara Gown in lemon yellow! Spring Summer 2015 Vanilla Butter