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Hiring a Wedding Coordinator and What That Means For Your Wedding Day

"Getting Ready"


I'm going to bounce around a bit in the next few blogs about why hiring a wedding coordinator or planner is a benefit for you. It'd make sense to start with discussing planning, vendor negotiations, logistics etc, but we're going to jump in first with chatting about your wedding day, in particular, the getting ready part.

As your Wedding Coordinator and Designer I want nothing more than to know that my Bride and Groom are free of stress, relaxed, being pampered and know that everything is handled so that they can enjoy their time with their closest friends and family as they prepare to walk down the isle. I adore this image of our Bride, Megan, as she and her bridesmaids look out the estate windows overlooking the property and watch as our team hustles around the property setting up. We are submitting Megan and Kaleo's wedding for publication, but I realized that some of these behind the scenes pics don't make publication galleries, but they are also such a HUGE part of what we do. These images are awesome in telling the benefits of having a coordinator. Here is our bride with her best friends relaxed and enjoying seeing it'll all come to life.

Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perks Photography

When I sit down with couples, and often those consultations include the Mother of the Bride, when we start talking about what are their hopes, how they envision their day I always hear about what the bride and mother want for what happens BEFORE the ceremony. I want you to think about that as well. For my own wedding, I didn't budget for a wedding coordinator and that is with major regret... instead my sisters, mom, aunts and even grandmother were not with me in my hotel room helping me prepare for the happiest day of my life. They were out in hot summer temps running around trying to set up our wedding. They were dealing with stress and vendor frustrations and trying to figure out how to set up the wedding decor to fit my dream I had worked hard planning... They then had to rush into the bridal suite moments before the wedding to day they loved me and to quick change into their dresses for their part of walking down the isle... REGRETS.... When we first started many of my couples didn't hire a coordinator, instead they just hired us to set up the wedding and leave. Ohhhh.... how many times did I see the repeat mistakes that I had made... frustrated, exhausted, irritated, hurt moms, friends and family members who, yes, had volunteered to set up and were happy to volunteer... but, they had no idea what amount of work and stress they had signed up for AND what they would miss out on come the wedding. It is VERY rare for it to go otherwise.

Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perks Photography


Instead, what I had wished happen and what all of my clients share they desire is a different experience. Instead, you, the bride, are surrounded by your closest girlfriends and women in your life that are there with you in a peaceful and joyous state. Refreshments and small bites are available to keep each of you comfortable and relaxed. It's a quite time to give gifts to your bridesmaids if you wish. You can share quiet time reflecting on your vows and relationship and what this day means to you and your family. Your best friend and mom can help you into your gown. If you have a summer or winter wedding, you can all be indoors in a temperature controlled environment. You're not just feeling your best as you have your hair and makeup done, but so are these incredible women you cherish. Megan gave each of her bridesmaids a special clutch. They laughed, they enjoyed watching the set up, they helped one another dress. It was peaceful and perfect. Megan's mom then helped her into her gown. A moment that we talked at the very beginning about being a priority.

Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perks Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography
Ira and Lucy Wedding Coordination, Getting Ready, Nate Perkes Photography

Creating time for the bride and groom allows flexibility. Here, we were able to have the officiant take some one on one time with Megan and Kaleo beforehand to review any ceremony details. This also alleviates any last minute stress about the ceremony flow and specifics. This reassurance can calm nerves and allow the bride and groom to enter into a headspace that is more relaxed and able to take in the moment better.

Megan  Kaleo_0134.jpg

And we're not JUST talking about the girls. The guys too, should be hang'n out, relaxed and enjoying some guy time and not stressed about anything else. Kaleo and his best friends played air hockey, ping pong, watched some football, enjoyed snacks and refreshments. This also allowed our photographers to have time to shoot getting ready pics for both the gals and guys without issues.

Think about how you want to feel on your wedding day, especially in the moments leading up to the ceremony. Who do you want with you? What kind of environment do you imagine? A Wedding Coordinator makes this happen. We work hundreds of hours leading up to this moment to bring that vision to reality and maybe even better! Stay tuned for more of this blog series!


"I want to start off by saying that I was always the girl who NEVER needed a wedding coordinator. I knew “exactly” what I wanted my wedding to look like, and I’ve always been a natural planner, so why would I need someone’s help? Once upon a time I even dreamed of being a wedding planner myself, so I felt like planning my own wedding would be a piece of cake. A few weeks in to the planning stage and my head was spinning while trying to find 300 of the perfect chairs, a task that I thought would be so simple. Turns out, planning your own wedding isn’t easy. Pinning gorgeous photos to your “Fairytale” pinterest board may be a dreamy no-brainer, but it doesn’t work that way in real life. It’s a lot harder than one might think to pull together a luxurious seating lounge or take 50 of your carefully thrifted bowls and vases and turn them into collaborative centerpieces. And lets not even get started on the not so obvious details- linens for breadbaskets, reserved seating signs, extension cords??? There is more that goes into planning a wedding than I ever could have imagined. 

Ira And Lucy Wedding Design and Coordination, Nate Perkes Photography

I first contacted Heidi because my mom wanted to hire someone who could take the stress off of the wedding day set-up and tear-down. But after hearing about what she could offer in the coordination department and after seeing the beautiful work on her site, I could not help myself but get lost in the idea of having someone rescue me from my never ending planningchallenges. Right from the moment that I met Heidi and her assistant Molly, I felt like 300 pounds were lifted from my shoulders. They knew exactly what needed to be done to make my dream day come true and they were just as excited about it as I was. They gave me a strict to-do list and a firm deadline to make decisions while they got busy calling vendors and pulling together the seriously impossible. They put together a vision board that was absolutely perfect for me and finally I was able to start enjoying the whole process. It wasn’t long after that when I told my mom the best thing I had spent my money on so far was my wedding planners. They worked like crazy making sure that I could have everything that I envisioned for my day. Not only did they make the planning process so much easier- they made it so that I could spend my wedding day focusing on all of the important parts. The night before my wedding I was able to go home and relax and get my rest. The morning of my wedding I was able to spend the day with my bridesmaids and my mom at the salon getting our hair, makeup, and nails done. I didn’t have to worry about a thing but just showing up and looking pretty. I knew without a doubt that their team would have everything under control and that everything would get done just how I wanted it and in plenty of time for my walk down the aisle. I didn’t stress. My family didn’t stress. Everyone was able to enjoy the day just as they should have. 

I look back at my dream of becoming a wedding planner and I can’t imagine ever thinking that it was something that I could do. It takes a special kind of person to not only be able to work that hard, but to want it so much for someone else. Heidi is that person. That is what her team stands for and I couldn’t be more grateful that I chose them to help me with my wedding." - Megan

Ira And Lucy Wedding Design and Coordination, Nate Perkes Photography

Wedding Show Weekend!

Well, it's 11:00pm and we are finally crawling into bed! Nothing like unloading a Uhaul truck load of furniture in 16 degree weather! But, it was so worth it! We had the pleasure of meeting some truly awesome brides, couples, parents of the bride and fabulous vendors. I can't wait to sit down with these new 2014 AND 2015 couples to learn more about their unique relationships and vision for their wedding day. We received some awesome feedback at the show. It was pretty cool hearing from brides that have been following us on Facebook and came to the show specifically looking to meet us in person! How cool! It's going to be a busy 2014! Thank you to all who came to the Show and visited us! We loved meeting you and can't wait to chat with you more! Be sure to email us or give us call to schedule an appointment! CHECK OUT OUR WEDDING SHOW SPECIAL WE'LL FEATURE THROUGH THE END OF THE MONTH!


wedding show booth

FULL DESIGN + STYLING // starts at $2200 and includes:

Event Design is all about creating an atmosphere, an environment that tells your unique love story. When you view swoon-worthy weddings on Pinterest or on your favorite blogs and magazines, often a designer was involved! It’s about pulling the entire look of your wedding or special event from the invites to your after party all together for a seamless and one-of-a-kind event.


  • Flowers and design elements are hand-selected and customized to perfectly fit your vision.
  • We will connect you with top industry botanical stylists and guide you through the process.


  • It’s important to us to learn about you…what is unique to your love story? We will take time to sit and chat with you and help you develop a theme, style and color palette to create a cohesive look.


  • We’ve got it handled! Steaming drapery, hanging chandeliers, arranging furniture and place cards… Ira & Lucy designs tablescapes, floor plans and lighting design and can assist you with linen and chair details, staging and prop rentals. The Best Part is you have immediate and preferential access to the leading Vintage Rental business in Boise!  We’ve got your hard to find rustic glam, shabby chic and vintage elegant props ready for your special occasion!

For the couple wanting a designer’s touch on all areas of their wedding, this is perfect for you! Let’s work together to determine the dream vision! INCLUDED:

  • color palette, textures, font/typography
  • custom mood/design board
  • two site visits
  • design/style of all areas of your wedding (ex. Dessert table, lounge, guest book table, beverage station, centerpieces,
  • cake table, head table, ceremony etc.)
  • act as lead in organizing, implementing and directing all vendors and décor
  • custom designed creations such as ceremony backdrops or chalkboard typography
  • we will work very close with your photographer to ensure that all the details you care so much about are captured
  • we will work close with all vendors to ensure your vision is communicated
  • styling the visual elements of your day / full set up
  • end of night tear down
  • unlimited phone calls during business hours / 3 in person meetings / custom design creations: $50/hour + supplies

For more details on our EVENT DESIGN services head over [button url=""]here[/button]!

2014 Wedding Show Memories



As if I wasn't feeling anxious enough! 10 minutes into the start of the first day a camera crew showed up to interview us! I don't even remember how I answered the questions! I just kept telling myself to act normal and ignore the boom microphone hanging above my head. P.S. don't you just LOVE our new lamps!!!?


Anyone recognize our newest coffee table?! Meet "Serena"! "Katherine" the hand painted vintage table created a darling cake table! This became multiple bride's "must have" item!

There are always adjustments to the plan, but I'm still very pleased with the outcome of our booth! I'm already thinking of what we'll do next year! This year we heard some 2014 trend interest: color mint and gold (swoon!), gold gold gold everything, adoration for our gold "Madeline" chairs, our vintage blue lounge furniture, floral in all white, chandeliers and more chandeliers, 1920s styled weddings, and rustic elegance! Oh we can't wait to help our couples design their weddings! Did I mention we met quite a few awesome grooms!? My hubby was very involved in our wedding and it's so fun when I meet couples with the groom so involved!


Yes...we were the last ones out! Not only did we have our booth, but we also helped supply vintage props for 5 other vendor booths! Vintage made quite the appearance this year! Yay! I owe a MASSIVE THANK YOU to some incredible friends who helped me make this all possible!

My hubby Jonnathan who stands beside me day in and day out as we dream and jump into adventure together! Tara with An Open Vase who specially designed gorgeous flowers for me and came every single day to ensure they were perfect! Lindsey with Behrens Artistry who not only makes me feel beautiful, but has become such a special friend! Frannie and Nichole with Paperie & Pen who designed the paper details for our sweetheart table and helped me feel more confident and special with their daily check ins and uplifting chats! Arielle our newest Ira & Lucy team member! She is incredible with brides and has a great eye for design! Greg Marsh who designed a custom cake for our booth and featured our vintage props in his booth! LeAnn with Heartfelt Bridal. One of those rare people that you just connect with and adore so much! Daci with Wedding Gowns by Daci who also featured our vintage props and has become a good friend. Will, Becky and Frances I love getting to know you better and am excited to work with you more! Natasha and Lance from Meridian Floral and Event Rent who have also become great friends, so supportive and encouraging and always reliable! P.S. you have to have Natasha's chicken soup! It's to die for! Brianne & Tyler, Stephanie, Kate, Judy and Will thank you for your friendships, unconditional love and support! xoxo Hugs to Tana, Brandi, Danielle and Kristin!

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