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Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips

brrrr.... it's cold outside!

Jillian Rose Photography, Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips

So, last night we were down to 1 DEGREE!!! And today's high was only 12.... Brrrr it's freezing! But, then I found this HOT deal today out running errands! I'll be honest, I don't shop much at Craft Warehouse, I think it's too pricey there and I'm very selective on what I do buy and that is usually if I have a coupon. As a Designer and working my butt off trying to find ways to give you beautiful weddings, while thinking of your wallet I do love when I land on cost savings. AND I usually try to source items via wholesale outlets and other connections we have. So, today I found these Pashmina scarves at $5 each in a wide variety of colors.

This is a great option for buying in bulk! Have 150 guests? Estimate half are female and plan for only a portion of those guests will use a scarf. I'd suggest 50! Keep your receipt and anything that isn't used you can return.

Ira + Lucy Wedding Design Tips


Pashmina is the finest type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir. The name comes from Persian: پشمینه‎‎ / pašmina, meaning "made from wool" and literally translates to "Soft Gold" in Kashmiri -

Sure, you can find these a little cheaper on wholesale sites around $3.50 each, but I vote for the $5 option where you can see the colors in person and feel the quality! I say the peace of mind is well worth the extra $1.50! Plus, any you don't use simply return! Keep your receipt!

Jen Rodriguez Photography, Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips


Drape scarves over your guests chairs, allowing them an option for warming up while toasts, cake cutting and other formalities are happening.
Jen Rodriguez Photography

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Don't forget your girls! Take care of your bridesmaids and think through how to keep them comfortable while looking their best! 

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Place rolled scarves with customized notes and place in a basket, industrial metal crate, vintage apple crate or other design element that matches your decor.

Laura Murray Photography

"Piper" Pews Sneak Peak Part 1

It feels like Christmas around here! The radio station is set on Christmas tunes when we are running errands out and about, the tree is up, the house is lit with green and red classic lights and  we have already started watching our favorite Christmas movies. The Wights love Christmas. We love the magical feeling, the joy, and the hope that this time of year and reflection brings our family. Jagger, our "almost 4-year old" is quite excited and insists on yelling at every "Mall Santa" that he wants Optimus Prime (smack head!). 

Well, we have an update on the "Piper" antique church pews! Our "elves" are hard at work and have one of the pews cut down from the 15 foot original size down to the new 8-foot custom size. I'm very excited about these, which you can obviously tell. The next steps are my favorite - the transformation that happens with sanding and stain and finish makes a world of difference and makes a piece from neat to WOW! Stay tuned for the reveal! For now, here is the teaser of them in progress! 

Also, we have had some questions about cushions for the pews. Yes, we salvaged the old cushions are are going to reupholster them into a neutral finish. This is a great option to add on to your rental order, especially if you have elderly folks sitting in these for your ceremony. 


Ira And Lucy Church Pew Rentals
From 15 feet to 8 feet! 

From 15 feet to 8 feet! 

Stay Tuned for the Final Reveal!!!

  • Antique Church Pews Rent for $100 each 
  • Quantity Available 6
  • 8-foot length
  • Ivory/white cushions add-on $10 each
  • Holiday Special 15% off all pews through Monday November 30th 9pm

Designing with Vintage Church Pews Inspiration

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