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Late Night Thoughts

quoteAs many of you know, it's hard for me to separate business from personal...Ira & Lucy is quite personal since my heart, soul and sweat have and continue to pour into this dream. I know I tend to wear my everything on my sleeves and Jonnathan often tells me that it's one of my best qualities and yet, gets me into hard situations as well. I have always believed in the value of authenticity. Maybe sometimes I share too much, but truthfully I do allow myself to be vulnerable because I hate to accept the negative that is out there...even if it has caused me some painful lessons. I don't want to have to build walls and be "all business", but sometimes I really see the value in that. You know what I mean?! It's scary as hell to be that vulnerable, and my word, is that emphasized when it comes to starting your own business. Ira & Lucy is not a hobby, it's a living breathing full scale business that supports our family. I thank God every day for the opportunities and blessings He has given us to help make Ira & Lucy what it is. The relationships we have built with some incredible people have lifted us up and encouraged us through the stuggles business owners all understand. I am blown away by the growth we have had in less than a year!!! It's thrilling and fills me with hope for the longevity of this business. If you follow us and feel connected to Ira & Lucy, thank you for your support and encouragement. It means so much to us. We truly believe that the Treasure Valley has phenomenal businesses and people behind those businesses and are honored you pick us. Tonight I'm focusing on believing in the potential, for not listening to any of my insecurities, and allowing myself to continue to share my heart with you. I encourage you to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to reject allowing fear to control your actions and to leap for your dreams! Leap and FLY!

Plum and Gold Wedding Continued!

We're rolling in plum and gold over here! And I'm LOVING it! I can't share allllll the juicy details, since much of it is a surprise for our Bride Abby, but I had to show the custom designed menus that feature a watercolor background that'll be framed in gold! I hope she'll love it! If you've been following us for a while you'll know that I'm obsessed with water color right now! It's dreamy and elegant and romantic! plum-gold-wedding