Welcome to our NEW Website!

I'm so so excited to share our new website with you! It has been something I've wanted to do for some time. I loved our old site, but it just felt too "cutesy" and didn't do a great job at presenting our portfolio. I wanted to have something that showcased our work with more visuals and truly spoke to our craft. We would love to hear your feedback! Thank you to my hubby who helped bring this all together! Truth be told, there was just not enough time during the crazy wedding season to work on this big of a project, but Fall is here and that means a new chapter!


Ira + Lucy continues to provide Wedding and Special Event Coordination, Design and Rentals! We look forward to hearing from you! Be sure to connect with us for your complimentary consultation! Currently, June is booked solid and May is almost filled up as well. HOT DATES ARE GOING FAST! We limit how many weddings we take on each season, so don't delay.