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2019 Wedding Professionals Masterclass
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Ira + Lucy Wedding Business Masterclass is an educational space designed to cultivate entrepreneurial confidence through honest, strategy-driven work for the disciplined artist and discerned business owner. We advocate for purposeful work that creates a remarkable and memorable life beyond your brand.

SPring 2019 masterclass recap

I am a local photographer and attended Heidi and Jonnathan’s Wedding Business Masterclass. It was gold! After the class I completely restructured our business plan to better meet our long term goals based on the immeasurable knowledge that I learned. I met some of the most amazing people and built relationships with individuals and businesses in the industry that far outweighed the price of attending. The speakers were incredible and the content was spot on. It far outdid my expectations!
— Denise
It was a dream for me to get to attend this years first #ILmasterclass this week in Boise. I LOVED it! Heidi, Jonnathan and the vendors chosen to speak were all incredibly approachable, honest, and passionate. As an event designer I am constantly trying to better my approach, my design eye and the way I introduce clients to our industry through my interactions with each of them. There’s always so much to learn and while I love motivational speakers I’m five years into building my company and I wanted to get specific.

Heidi pulled out contracts and went over key points line by line encouraging us to pay more attention to not just the pretty and fun aspects of our jobs but the brass tacks and strategy behind our brand. We touched upon; contracts, internal project management systems, website optimization, on-boarding processes; employee management; design shortcuts; styling time-savers; and social media (I feel like we touched on a little of everything!) I so admire that she did not hold back out of fear. I appreciate that this knowledge is hard-won and many who have struggled to obtain it would opt to not share. I can tell she genuinely wants this rising tide to raise all ships.

What a beautiful place to teach others from. Those of us in attendance were totally spoiled not only with real and useful information but also delicious food, fun swag, and a lavish setting. The hard work will have to be mine to carry out from here and I feel like I’m not quite sure which changes or tweaks to implement first, but isn’t that a great problem to have! My hope is to play with these new tools in my toolbox and track that progress. I’m hoping this masterclass will continue to be developed with a few more in-depth options for those of us who have already taken the foundational class. I know we’ve only skimmed the surface in terms of what there is to learn from this dynamic duo and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for all of us - you included! If you are in our industry and reading this investing in personal growth is 100% worth it. The investments you make in yourself and towards your personal growth as a business owner touch the lives of so many. What we do is hard and we all get a little burnt out at times. A well run class, workshop, or conference from someone you admire is a worthwhile investment.

Sessions I’d love to see in the future: how to work with your spouse or “work wife” partnership in business - what to avoid and what to lean into; more break out sessions & structured learning with peer attendees; more hands on styling; flat lay workshop; tips for conflict resolution with clients / vendors; Deliverables how to pay attention to what you are promising and take steps to not overload; Building a smart production timelines (factors that come into play); Venue relationships how to court and maintain them. Floor planning tips and how to best practices in room layouts for event flow etc.. / also / opt ins post masterclass for online one-on-ones to dig deeper into the specifics and engage in accountability and follow-up post conference.
— Cheers! Cassie LaGreca owner Better to Gather Events / Montana based.

everyone invited

Jonnathan and I have had the joy of consulting with all types of businesses in our industry. Floral Designers, Hair and Makeup Artist, Venues, Catering, Aestheticians, Fitness Experts, “Paper Lovers”, Flower Farmers, Rental Businesses, Planners and Photographers. It’s crucial to us that all attendees feel welcome, comfortable and have an incredible experience.

  • Individuals with no experience at all, but aspire to be part of the events industry

  • Experienced designers looking to grow their skillset

  • New venue owners wanting to know the next steps to attract customers

  • Dreamers who feel overwhelmed by the non-creative aspects of running a business

  • Established business that feel out-of-date with how to reach today’s ever-evolving and fast paced market

  • Baffled business owners wanting to harness the power of social media

  • Kick-Ass creatives that are have lousy contracts and foundations in place

  • Artists that don’t know how to value their services


Our first Masterclass kicked off at the Idaho’s most prominent private estate, Willowbridge, located in Eagle, Idaho, just 20-minutes from downtown Boise. Here is a sneak peek from the ever-awesome and unreal talent of Moore Pictures!


In addition to Key Note Speakers, husband and wife, Jonnathan and Heidi, attendees heard and interacted with leading industry game changers!

Guest Speaker, Taylor, Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine, Ira and Lucy workshop
Sourced Co., Tayler Cusick Hollman, Ira and Lucy, Wedding Professionals Workshop
guest speaker_LIZA_square-02.png
Ira and Lucy Wedding Business Masterclass

class highlights

day-ONe |business foundations|

  • Business Starting Point (how to start a business, contracts)

  • Let’s Talk Money (pricing, growing your business, what forms of advertising work best and which ones don’t offer much return…)

  • Guest Speaker, Co-Owner of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine

  • Social Media Strategy (branding and marketing, what tools do we utilize)

  • Boundaries (creating policies, how to be a “boss”, how to work with clients)

  • How to Build the Client Experience (tools and tips)

  • How to Connect with Today’s Bride

  • Managing Staff (when to hire, how to hire, how to be a “boss”)

  • Let’s Get Real (work-life balance)

  • Live Q & A Sessions

DAY-TWO |creating for profit|

  • Styled Shoot Success, Advertising and Networking

  • Learn How I Build My Design Boards and Present Concepts to Clients

  • Hands On Teaching - Designing a Remarkable Tablescape

    • Guest Speakers Featuring the Industry’s Best Wedding Tools

  • Live Q & A Sessions

  • Break Out Interactive Growth Groups


Attendees received some seriously good swag! We’ll be shared some of our most favorite goodies with you! Attendees received a curated list of our go-to business resources and tools, curated custom gifts and so much more! You don’t want to miss out on these!


The Masterclass was photographed by The Mitchell Photo Collection. Shivyon is one of those dynamic persons that you find yourself gravitating to. Her lifestyle, organic and romantic imagery is dreamy and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have Shivyon on site for our workshop capturing all the moments! All these photos are from her! Each Attendee also received a Head Shot and gallery! Applause to our Spring 19’ Masterclass Alum!

Ira and Lucy Masterclass, Mitchell Photo Collection, Wedding Business Coach
I love these women! I’m so damn proud of their courage and drive and passion to put in the hard work, to have the honest conversations, to challenge each other and to rise! This class was all and more I hoped it would be. Months later and I’m still processing it all!
— Heidi


We could not have been more wowed with Executive Chef, John Cuevas and his wife Julie, who indulged our tastebuds with an incredible catering experience. Boise Cakery enticed us with sweets to die for and Royal Coffee Bar…. well, we are in love with these people and awesome coffee!

We’ll let photos speak for themselves!

The special details

It was important to me to create intentional moments and details for our attendees and speakers to show how much I appreciate them and to teach them WHY we think of these details for our clients. I wanted an interactive experience that wasn’t just luxurious, but taught them why being in a service industry world, these details DO matter for our customers. When you are on the other end and get to experience how awesome it is to be pampered, it makes you understand how to plan and offer that in your own business.


Local Musician, Dan Costello treated us to live music at the start of each day during breakfast.

intentional design

Each meal featured a new tablescape design, boasting gorgeous floral from Just So. Event Floral and Fifty Flowers, luxury tabletop rentals from a Fine Fete, and industry leading fine linen from La Tavola. spoiled us with custom menus for every meal. I know we were all grabbing the menus to toss in the swag bags to take home! All that gold foil goodness!

dinner out on the town

We had a blast enjoying the warm patio down at Madre Boutique Taqueria after being in class most the day. I designed a fun bold style that enhanced the already awesome style of Madre. It was so fun to do something that I would create for a rehearsal dinner and not so formal of a wedding design. I loved working with Madre to create a family style dinner where we could get to know one another better and build those relationships over dinner.

Ira and Lucy Masterclass, Mitchell Photo Collection, Wedding Business Coach


We could have easily had another full day just for hands on design teaching! Attendees learned how to work with fine linen, how to handle it, tips on working with linen and how to layer tones and work with floral elements and decor accents. Attendees then left for a few hours to freshen up while we prepped for our farewell dinner using the same tablescape we had been teaching!

Farewell Dinner


Lodging is not included, but a discounted rate was set up for workshop attendees at three of our favorite downtown hotels!

$149 per night
Beautifully redesigned and thoughtfully appointed, the guest rooms are airy, bright and comfortable, with sleek lines and open living areas filled with natural light. Crisp white and green color palettes lend a fresh and modern ambiance - pssst, my fav!

The Grove hotel is my personal favorite option! The newly renovated lobby, bar and restaurant are gorgeous!

$139 per night
A beautiful affordable accommodation choice for our attendees featuring newly renovated rooms and hotel! Go for a swim in the indoor pool, cozy up by the fire in the lobby… not to mention easy and convenient parking access!

This is a great option! I’m hoping the trees will be blossoming, as some of the rooms open out onto a pretty courtyard space to a lounge space and fire pit.

$169 per night
Urban chic charm and boutique style create inspired stays at Hotel 43. The hotel builds the perfect balance of urban flair and cozy décor. Located in the heart of downtown Boise

Shuttle service is provided to and from the Boise Airport to each of these hotels and between each of these hotels as well. We purposefully selected these options for the quality of accommodations, the guest service and the convenience for transportation! So, if you want to meet up with one another, simply utilize the complimentary shuttle service between the hotels!

Boise local? We encourage you to consider getting a hotel room and really allow yourself to take these two days to emerge yourself in business development. Take time to breathe, and reflect on what areas you are excelling at and areas you are struggling. Meet with fellow attendees for drinks after the day’s sessions to continue discussions and networking. Let’s get inspired, and relight the fire in you!


Airfare is not included. Transportation is not included to-and-from Willowbridge each day, although many attendees connect and carpool together. We also have some fun recommendations if you feel like splurging on a car service.


We are allowing a limited number of attendees at each workshop.


Much like when we book a wedding, we turn away other business, so we can fully dedicate our time. When you register for our workshop, we reserve one of our limited spots for you. Once a payment is made for tuition, it is not refundable if you choose to cancel your registration.






Space is limited! To reserve your spot, please complete the registration form and proceed to the payment page. You will have the option to pay in full or choose the payment plan securing your seat with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Registration is not complete until some form of payment is completed. Please note, refunds will not be allowed as we plan specifically with you in mind and have limited spots.

Menu and FAQs below.

thank you to our incredible workshop sponsors

 What is the nearest airport?  

Boise Airport


What if I buy my seat, and then am unable to attend?

We understand that things happen, but unfortunately all payments made are non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to try and sell your seat, but it is your responsibility.


Why is there a ticket transfer fee? 

Our workshops have limited spots, and because of that, we are looking for committed buyers. Due to the extra admin time needed for follow up communication,  processing payments, and invoicing, we need to charge a one time fee of $75.  If you need to transfer your ticket, please contact us.


How does the partial payment option work?  

50% is due upfront to reserve your seat, and an invoice reminder will be sent for the remaining balance, which will be due March 15th 2019. Late payments will incur a $40 per week late fee.
If the remaining balance is not paid by April 1st, your deposit will be considered forfeited and your seat will be lost.


Can I use the images I take for my portfolio?

Absolutely! That's the purpose of the shoots!


Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions? 

Absolutely - Please let us know ahead of time if you have additional restrictions.


What will the food be like? 

We selected Chef John Cuevas because of his versatility and quality culinary craft. Check out the detailed menu we have provided.

 Is there wifi? 


Are there carpooling options?  

There will be a private Facebook group for the attendees to coordinate carpooling.


I am not a professional planner, should I still come?

Yes, this workshop is geared to all those in the professional wedding industry. You may consider opting for Day-One, where we focus on the “Business Foundations”, however the “Create for Profit” is a great class for photographers, planners, venues, bridal boutiques, paper/stationary, videographers, hair and makeup artists, florists, caterers, bakers and rentals. We will touch on all areas of creating that each of these businesses can take a lot away from!



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