Thank you for taking time to complete this Coordination Form. This form should be submitted to Ira + Lucy no later then the 45-days prior to your wedding. Our team has taken time to think through all the details, however this is one of the final steps to ensure that what we have planned and will implement matches what your understanding is as well. This is our back up "cross your T's, dot your I's". You will find that the team on site will all carry a copy of this form for reference regarding the coordination details for your specific wedding. These take a bit of time, so grab some ice tea or a chilled glass of your favorite wine and detail this as complete as possible. It is important that we have all of the required information in order to best do our job. Thank you!

Bride Name *
Bride Name
Bride's Mobile Phone *
Bride's Mobile Phone
Groom's Mobile Phone *
Groom's Mobile Phone
Maid of Honor's Phone
Maid of Honor's Phone
Best Man's Phone
Best Man's Phone
Please list your Bridesmaids with their email + phone
Please list your groomsmen's names, emails + phone.
Please list names and email or parent's contact info
Please list names and contact info
Please list Mother of the Bride's Name, Email + Phone
Please let us know any specific requests the Mother of The Bride would like us to be aware of.
Please list Name, Phone and Email
Please let us know any special requests that the Father of the Bride would like us to be aware of.
Please list Name, Phone and Email
Please let us know any special requests that the Mother of the Groom would like us to be aware of.
Please list Name, Phone and Email
Please let us know any special requests the Father of the Groom would like us to be aware of.
Please list any other significant wedding party that we need to be aware of?
Rehearsal Time *
Rehearsal Time
First Look *
Are you doing a First Look before the Ceremony?
Please describe what is planned or envisioned for your First Look. Also, let us know if you have discussed this with your photographer.
Please include address and phone. Point of contact person for venue or church please:
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
Ceremony Programs *
Do you have programs planned?
Please detail your planned Ceremony deco/floral
How do you wish the programs be handed to your guests? Already on seats, by ushers or in a basket? etc
Do you have any special signage for the ceremony i.e., "unplugged ceremony", "pick a seat not a side" etc
Officiant Info
Officiant Info
Officiant Phone
Officiant Phone
Please detail any requested seating arrangements for the CEREMONY.
Reserved Seating Details
Did you plan for how to reserve seats?
Typically as your coordinator, we already have this in a document provided from your DJ. Please provide your specific music selections below still for your guests as they are seating, processional, during your ceremony if any, and at the recessional.
Who will escort the Bride? *
Who will escort the Bride?
Who do you want walking prior to your wedding party, (grandparents usually, Groom's parents, Mother of the Bride) - please detail and list the order.
Please list the order of your bridesmaids and groomsmen here:
Standing or sitting? Order, from the furthest out working your way in towards you:
Please bring your marriage license to your Rehearsal to give to your coordinator. When would you like to sign the marriage license? Immediately after the ceremony?
We will have your officiant send us a copy of the ceremony, however please let us know any specific details i.e, special readings, music, communion, etc.
Typically we do reverse of what we did in the Processional. Please let us know any other details.
Preferred Start Time *
Preferred Start Time
Cocktail Hour *
Location and any other details we need to be made aware of.
Please be aware that most venues have strict alcohol policies. A majority of venues DO NOT allow guests or wedding party to bring personal alcohol items onto the property and it will be confiscated. Please let your guests know ahead of time to partake of the alcohol professionally provided and not push this rule. If you have any questions or want to address this please detail below.
Please detail your grand entrance. Do you want to be announced with your bridal party first then the two of you? Or have your bridal party seating and just the two of you enter? Special music? Location?
Buffet or Plated Dinner? Do you want to be served by coordinator if it is a buffet? Or do you prefer to go through line first. Please let us know your preference.
Catering *
Catering Phone
Catering Phone
Special Toasts *
Special Toasts
Please list who will be giving a toast and in what order.
Let us know anything that we need to be aware of for your first dance.
Dancing *
Please select the following dances you would like to have
Cake *
Please select the following
Cake Vendor *
Cake Vendor
Who is providing your cake or cupcakes
Please detail any other vendors involved.
Bouquet Toss + Garter Toss *
Please check which you would like to do
End of Night
Time *
When do you want to leave your wedding?
Please detail your Grand Exit (sparklers, a special song, special transportation etc)
What is planned for your transportation?
We do our best to help make sure your guests are safe. We typically do last call a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the last song. Is this okay with you?
Do you need to have your overnight bags placed in the vehicle you are leaving in or in your hotel room nearby?
Would you like your coordinator to return the tux or suit rentals from your groomsmen the night of the wedding in order for us to return for you?
Contracted Venue End Time *
Contracted Venue End Time
What is your contracted venue end time (when everything must be cleaned and removed from the premises?)
Most catering does not provide "take home" containers. Please provide zip lock bags, coolers, tupperware etc that catering can place left overs in. Please designate who will be taking the food home at the end of the night. And who will be bringing these items earlier in the day?
Clean up *
Who is handling take down/clean up?
What do you have planned for your floral elements? Sending with someone? Are the vases rented and need to be returned? If so, who have you designated to do that?