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The Day Before the Wedding

Guest Post from the Bride's Professional Makeup Artist Blush, By Jamie Rose

Jamie, from Blush co.

As you can imagine we are quite busy! It's the day before our first big wedding of the season and it couldn't start with a sweeter and more deserving bride. Sammie's wedding is going to be full of black, white, and hues of purples and a pop of blush for a romantic boho wedding. One of the special moments planned is Sammie's soon-to-be-sister-in-law, Jamie, will be doing her bridal makeup look. Jamie is a phenomenal makeup artist and has thee most adorable french styled boutique in Boise, Blush Luxury Beauty Boutique. Jamie was a doll and sent over some of her professional Bridal Beauty Essentials! 

Here are some key beauty items every bride should be carrying in their clutch for the big day, and a couple other products that will keep your skin radiant for the big day!  

1. Lollia Little Luxe Perfume: Just the right size for your bridal clutch, super delicate and soft scent is the perfect accessory to have on hand throughout your big day!  

2. Blotterazzi: The ultimate bride essential! A chic mirrored compact with two blotting sponges, made of beautyblender® material, for beauty touch ups on the go. Takes away unwanted shine and leaves your wedding makeup perfectly in place! 

3. Lip Gloss: We love all lippies especially Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss.  It’s important for a bride to always carry a lip product with them for touch-ups throughout the day.  Lots of kissing that day and your lips need to be on point for your photos! 

4. MIYU Hydrate Me Tea: It is crucial weeks leading up to the wedding to get lots of sleep and hydration so your skin can have the perfect glow on the day of the wedding!  One of our favorite ways to hydrate is this amazing beauty tea infused with green rooibos, goji berries, rose petals and snow pear essence.  An irresistible way to hydrate parched complexions! 

5. Aurelia Revitalize & Glow Serum: This miracle serum will leave your skin luminous, dewy and smooth... The perfect product to use everyday but especially the week of the wedding for that extra glow! 

All items are available at Blush! Be sure to go visit her and let her know Ira + Lucy sent you! I think it's time I make a stop in as well for some of my must-have items! xoxo

Be sure to follow us on Snapchat @IraAndLucy and Instagram for sneak peeks of tomorrow' wedding! 

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Starting 2016 Saving Money!

Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips

brrrr.... it's cold outside!

Jillian Rose Photography, Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips

So, last night we were down to 1 DEGREE!!! And today's high was only 12.... Brrrr it's freezing! But, then I found this HOT deal today out running errands! I'll be honest, I don't shop much at Craft Warehouse, I think it's too pricey there and I'm very selective on what I do buy and that is usually if I have a coupon. As a Designer and working my butt off trying to find ways to give you beautiful weddings, while thinking of your wallet I do love when I land on cost savings. AND I usually try to source items via wholesale outlets and other connections we have. So, today I found these Pashmina scarves at $5 each in a wide variety of colors.

This is a great option for buying in bulk! Have 150 guests? Estimate half are female and plan for only a portion of those guests will use a scarf. I'd suggest 50! Keep your receipt and anything that isn't used you can return.

Ira + Lucy Wedding Design Tips


Pashmina is the finest type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir. The name comes from Persian: پشمینه‎‎ / pašmina, meaning "made from wool" and literally translates to "Soft Gold" in Kashmiri -

Sure, you can find these a little cheaper on wholesale sites around $3.50 each, but I vote for the $5 option where you can see the colors in person and feel the quality! I say the peace of mind is well worth the extra $1.50! Plus, any you don't use simply return! Keep your receipt!

Jen Rodriguez Photography, Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips


Drape scarves over your guests chairs, allowing them an option for warming up while toasts, cake cutting and other formalities are happening.
Jen Rodriguez Photography

Meagan Ramirez Photography, Ira + Lucy Wedding Tips


Don't forget your girls! Take care of your bridesmaids and think through how to keep them comfortable while looking their best! 

Meagan Ramirez Photography

Laura Murray Photography


Place rolled scarves with customized notes and place in a basket, industrial metal crate, vintage apple crate or other design element that matches your decor.

Laura Murray Photography