Jonnathan Wight
Operations Manager, Graphic Design, Owner

Heidi Elizabeth Wight
Principal Designer, Principal Coordinator, Owner


Associates & Staff

Peyton Lind
Lead Production
Junior Coordinator, Graphic Design

Victoria Haney
Senior Coordinator

Elizabeth "Liz" Fisher
Senior Coordinator
Public Relations

Kassidy Barnes
Production Assistant

Rebecca Patrick
Production Assistant

Josh Erdmann
Production Assistant, Crew Member

Even though I had a bit of a head start in the planning process due to the fact that I knew lots of local wedding vendors and people in the industry, I could never have imagined how truly overwhelming it can all be! Just a couple months in, I realized that I there was no way that I wanted to do this alone (nor could I!) My fiance and I met with Heidi the owner of Ira and Lucy Wedding Planning and Design upon recommendation from our florist, and I am so thankful that we did. When we met her, she had this calming presence that I knew someone like me would need on our day. Being very type A and wanting to plan everything myself, I knew instantly that Heidi was probably the only other person in the world I would trust my whole wedding day to. On the day of our wedding, I woke up knowing that everything was being taken care of. Not by myself, not by my family, but by a professional design/coordination team!

I literally cannot put into words how perfect our day was. How beautiful it looked, how it felt to see all that you had pictured come to life. All in all, my husband and I had the best night of our lives on our wedding day. Because we hired professionals to help us out, we were actually able to enjoy our big day and throw our friends and family basically just a huge awesome party. People couldn’t stop raving about how gorgeous and fun it was, and really we couldn’t take much credit! While it was inspired by my fiance and I, it only came to life because of our vendors.
— Bride, Makayla