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A thriving business is one that has thought through the following topics. Creating a strong foundation allows you to run a proactive business versus a chaotic, reactive, work-70-hours, burnt out, questioning-everything-sort-of-business... When I describe my role as a wedding planner to clients, I ask them to think of me as the director of a symphony and each vendor plays their specific instrument. Vendors know their instrument well, as that's their job, and my job is to know how to bring out the best in all of them and their unique sound to create a masterful symphony. I know how to direct and I know the vision for the remarkable sound that we will create! Building and running a business is very much the same. Each of these areas is part of your business symphony.

client experience

As the Owner and Principal Designer and Planner for Ira + Lucy, I will limit the amount of business coaching clients I take on each year. To make sure I am a good fit for your needs, our business coaching pre-consultation form is required along with a 20 minute interview call or Skype session.


From al la carte to intensive annual plan


  • Welcome pack and questionnaire
  • 2 hour in depth Skype welcome call
  • Evaluation of 1 area in your business based on the focus topics available
  • 9 - 1 hour Skype calls (3 per month)
  • Worksheets, contract and templates
  • Customized strategies based on your focus topic
  • Online mentorship portal
  • Exclusive coaching from Heidi
  • Special pricing on post-mentorship phone calls

3 Payments of $800


You've got a great start on your business, but there is one area that is holding you up from the goals and success you are wanting.

You've been in business for several years and you're losing momentum...

You're just starting your business and want the guidance of a mentor to help you write your business plan.

You need to shake things up in one area of your business and get clear on your strategy.


  • Welcome pack and questionnaire
  • 2 hour in depth Skype welcome call
  • Evaluation of problem areas of 3 focus topics available
  • 18 - 1 hour Skype calls (3 per month)
  • Mid-point 2 hour intensive Skype call
  • Worksheets, contract and templates
  • Customized strategies based on your 3 areas of focus
  • Online mentorship portal
  • Exclusive coaching from Heidi
  • Special pricing on post-mentorship phone calls

6 payments of $800


You've got a handle on certain areas of your business, but other areas are suffering.

You've been in business for a few years, you're making money, but you're wondering if it's type to give up and "get real job" or a second job.

You're ready to expand your business. You're experiencing growth, but have no clue how to hire employees or add services.

You've grown and you are ready to rebrand to attract your ideal client.


  • Welcome pack and questionnaire
  • 2 hour in depth Skype welcome call
  • Full evaluation of your brand
  • Full evaluation of your pricing
  • 36 - 1 hour Skype calls (3 per month)
  • Quarterly 2 hour intensive Skype call
  • Worksheets, contract and templates
  • Customized strategies for you to succeed in the six areas of focus
  • Online mentorship portal
  • Exclusive coaching from Heidi
  • Special pricing on post-mentorship phone calls

12 payments of $725


You're not making money and/or you're barely profitable.

You're only "strategy" is reacting to situations rather than being proactive and you don't know how to stop the cycle.

You can't figure out out to attract your ideal clients...

You're totally overwhelmed with pricing, services, branding, marketing, creating systems and procedures and you don't know how to create your own unique client experience.


al la carte

A one hour intensive call is a great option for us to explore an area of your business you're especially struggling with. Prior to the call, Ill review your pre consultation form and gather any applicable materials in reference to your topic. The call will focus on discussing the problem and developing solutions.




3 Day Intensive

shadow me at a real wedding experience

There is nothing quite as incredible as being on site, hands-on, in the action of a wedding experience! Shadow me during one of this season's incredible weddings we've been hard at work on! This is an awesome opportunity that requires an interview process prior to selection.


Jared Wortley



Justin Cole-Untitled Export-0058.jpg


The day before the wedding one is packed full of final preparation. Learn from me how I prepare my team, myself and our clients for the most incredible day of their lives. Some of the elements you will be shadowing may include:

  • Logistical preparation - review layout schematics, design plans, production and wedding party timelines, review vendor details and logistics, touch base with any vendors as needed
  • Review wedding day emergency kit, ensure it's stocked and prepared
  • Attend team meeting
  • Load truck with team for decor elements - learn how we pack, why we pack the way we do and how we plan ahead for efficient take down
  • Begin any early installations
  • Run rehearsal
  • Review end of wedding take down details
Justin Cole-Cimbalik Photography

Day 2 

The Wedding Day! It's go time! As the Principal Designer and Planner, it's my job to be at the helm of the ship. Regardless of how many hundreds of hours we put into planning, it's inevitable that things will pop up! Learn from me how I handle stressful, time sensitive and urgent situations.

  • Manage wedding day production timeline
  • Manage and lead vendors
  • Guide clients, couple, wedding party and families in direction and handling needs
  • Set up and style wedding details
  • Troubleshoot any situations
  • Attend to Bride and Groom 
  • Organize and manage processional for ceremony
  • Main contact for film and photography team
  • Personalized reveal of space for couple
  • Take down/clean up management
Justin Cole-Cimbalik Photography


How do we get better? We debrief! We discuss what elements went fabulous and what we could improve on. Reflection is hugely important in growth.

  • Discuss observations
  • I will review areas of strength and growth opportunities for you specifically
  • We will set goals for development
  • Access to discounted copies of templates and mentorship materials
  • Q and A exclusive access

*Please note that we protect the privacy of our client information. A Non-Disclose Agreement will be required as we ensure that our client budget and personal details are not shared publicly. I will also be sharing proprietary information of how I run my business and the successful tools I implement. These lessons and applications are intended for teaching you solely.

What's Included!


26th street studio boise

A fresh and airy guest house in West downtown Boise. Come relax in our claw foot bathtub after a long day of exploring the nearby whitewater park, foothills, green belt or downtown scenery. Cook in the kitchen or walk to nearby restaurants for meals. Sip your morning coffee on the patio while you plan your next adventure. You’ll sleep soundly in the comfortable king sized bed. We hope you’ll enjoy Boise but it will be hard to leave your sanctuary at 26th Street Studio.
— 26th Street Studio

Experience Boise


Big City
  • Day 1: I will require you to arrive the morning of Day 1, prior to 10am, since it's a packed day of activities. We will go to dinner that evening as we review final notes and details. Breakfast and Lunch will be your responsibility.
  • Day 2 (wedding day): Breakfast and Lunch will be your responsibility. Dinner is provided with vendor meals planned.
  • Day 3: We will meet at my favorite Boise Breakfast hot spot! Downtown at Big City Coffee! Trust me, after the wedding day before you will have an appetite! We'll sip on coffee and enjoy the most amazing breakfast while we debrief.


what's included:

  • 3 Day Intensive Job Shadow with Heidi Elizabeth, Principal Designer, Planner and Owner of Ira + Lucy
  • 3 Night accommodations at Boise's hottest Air BNB located in beautiful Boise 
  • Customized goal plan for you and how to grow your skills and business
  • Ira + Lucy team shirt to wear on the wedding day during set up
  • Day 1 Dinner one-on-one with Heidi
  • Access to templates and materials for planning logistics
  • Day 3 Breakfast one-on-one with Heidi
  • Discounted rate on post-mentorship materials and services
  • Option to include 4th Day to meet with our sister business, Wight House Creative to discuss your branding needs! You'll sit down with hubby and wife duo, Heidi and Jonnathan to develop your branding needs! $750 add-on option
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